7:48 AM

Awesome Customer Service is Endangered 12/12/08

I went malling yesterday with my husband to subscribe to a Broadband connection. I've been with Customer Service for almost 9 years but yesterday I was a customer.

To my dismay, many Sales Representatives here in the Philippines were not properly trained to handle a customer- foreigner or local. This is happening in Broadband Provider-A. I was a potential customer but I decided not to deal business with them after waiting in for over 30 minutes while you can see some of their representatives chatting with their favorite customers.

My husband and I finally decided to subscribe to Broadband Provider-B because of the fact that we were entertained and given opportunity to ask questions. That's very simple matter but it means business with us.There are a lot of establishments with problems on Customer Service. It's really important that the owner or management should invest on trainings to improve their Sales Representatives because it would determine the growth and success of the business.

If I have to put up my own business, strengthening the front line would be my biggest agenda.


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