10:44 AM

Fat Belly is an Agony

It's always been an aftermath for women to complain about Fat Belly after giving birth. It's really frustrating after doing bunch of crunches still this ugly "Omentum" won't disappear.

There are skinny women who have the same dilemma. Most of the time, this is caused by stress, lack of exercise and excessive intake of carbohydrates. This is a known fact that the effective way to lose weight or trim chubby parts is to speed up the metabolism. This is where the problem lies- how do we speed up metabolism without going on a diet or regular exercises? It's really hard to maintain a sexy curve after giving birth. Let me continue doing basic crunches and see what happens after 3 months.


CoLine said...

I wish I could do those crunches too but I have a slipdisc (sorry mommy im not sure if i have the spelling right) kaya it's not an option for me :(

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