9:05 AM

Season's Greetings

Every one is at home with their family but my husband and I are both away from home and from each other. We're both at work but it doesn't really make me sad because I am still looking forward for New Year's Eve. Even if we say Family first when it's the job that requires us to report to work, it's really hard to decide. It's risky to be absent.

In the province, usually our clan gathers together to celebrate the Yuletide Season with festivities. Laid on the table are native delicacies and crunchy lechon or fried chicken. At the dining area, men usually have their own celebration which knocks them all after midnight. I just miss being a kid again. I used to hang big big sack (for rice storage) instead of mistletoes on the window coz I thought Santa would also give me more gifts. My mom and dad get drunk after Noche Buena so I got nothing. Hehehe

Tonight, my kids are on their own with their Aunt and Uncle. Tomorrow I'll make up for it and I'll take them to their favorite hang-out so we could spend time together. Poor kids, their dad isn't home too. Better yet, I'll buy them their favorite toys so they won't ask me when their dad is going home.


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