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New Year's Eve

In every important occasion like this, I am always the host of the party. It's like a tradition for me- so I invite the closest friend, the first and second degree relatives to spend new year's eve with us.

According to my uncle, I am the only person in the family who can gather us together and at the same time they obey my request like it came from a queen. Actually, it's my command--"Punta kayong lahat sa bahay, dalhin nyo mga bata ah. Maghihintay ako. Sagot ko lahat." Naks, isn't that powerful request from the apple of their eyes? Hihi

In reality, I'd like to thank my thoughtful husband who voluntarily gave us funds for the celebration. He has a lot of surprises at home. Was he trying to impress me? Joke! My relatives didn't know I only managed the party but was never a financer. (Psssh good thing they couldn't read my blog). My husband gave an awesome treat to our kids and his brother. I can understand he misses his boys so much coz he goes home only once a week. For his thoughtfulness and effort to keep the family acquianted, I salute him for that. How about the mom of his boys? Hey...it's a secret! (naughty smile)

I prepared all stuff and let my aunt and my sister-in-law continue cooking all day. At dawn, my guests were early for eating and singing fantasy. As family of singers, it's cool to hear them sing together while I did my best to get some sleep upstairs. It's an hour before I leave for work.

"Ano?!? Magtatrabaho ka pa. ano ka ba naman Kristeta. New Year ngayon.", Uncle exclaimed. Although somewhat disappointed, the party went on. Ironically, they were so excited to be with my husband as they haven't seen him for months. While at work, I was in tears that my father from the province didn't forget to text me -- "Nheng, happy new year. Kumita ako dun sa paninda kong mga paputok. Nsa work ka, baket?." Hahaha! I received a lot of text messages from friends and of course from my avid fan-husband. He is always thoughtful and romantic nowadays, I got so carried away. Long hair!

Anyway, our guests happily went home at around 2AM after the deafening explosion of firecrackers. Of course, they couldn't leave without those take home orders. LOL. Even if I wasn't around, I was so happy of a thought that my kids and my guests really had a good time.

This 2009, I just wish I would be brave enough to manage the unexpected changes and challenges in life. But if you'd like to ask why I prefer to work on New Year's Eve, that's another personal story.

(a wink and a naughty smile)


jEbE said...

hi mommy!

i enjoyed your story :) and i even miss talking to you in person. i love the giggles and laughs. can't help but to reminisce.

we may not see each other often, rest assured that you are always remembered.

thanks for the sweet memories. take care!

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